A Glimpse into Our Current Issues

The South Carolina Historical Magazine
Volume 117, Number 1

(Available July 2017)

  • “The Making of ‘Mr. Justice Haynsworth’? The Rise, Fall, and Revival of Judge Clement F. Haynsworth Jr.,” by Bruce H. Kalk
  • “Dixie Plantation’s Rising Tide: A History of Saint Paul’s Parish in Microcosm,” by Kimberly Pyszka and Maureen Hays
  • Reviews of eight books: Rebellion, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 1861–1893: The History of Beaufort County, South Carolina, Volume 2; Bridging the Sea Islands’ Past and Present, 1893–2006: The History of Beaufort County, Volume 3; Civil War Canon: Sites of Confederate Memory in South Carolina; Carolina in Crisis: Cherokees, Colonists, and Slaves in the American Southeast, 1756–1763; Politics, Disability, and Education Reform in the South: The Work of John Eldred Swearingen; Leisure, Plantations, and the Making of a New South: The Sporting Plantations of the South Carolina Lowcountry and Red Hills Region, 1900–1940; Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman’s March and American Memory; Indians and British Outposts in Eighteenth-Century America
  • archives updates from the SCHS and CofC


Fall/Winter 2017
Volume 33, Numbers 3-4

  • “‘The Ride of the Valkyries’: The Evolution of Athletics and Sport at Converse College,” by Joe P. Dunn and Margaret S. Moore
  • “Who Was Joseph Benenhaley? Exploring the 200-Year-Old Mystery of Sumter County’s Turkish Patriarch and His People,” by Glen Browder and Terri Ann Ognibene
  • “Gateway to History: Fireproof Finds”