Visual Materials

The SCHS holds tens of thousands of images documenting a wide variety of people, places, and activities in South Carolina. Some of these date back to the earliest days of photography, while others represent more recent times.

It takes time to search the South Carolina Historical Society archives, which contain over thirty thousand images, for a specific research request. Due to the small size of our staff, we ask that you submit your request using the forms provided below.

Every research or reproduction request must have an accompanying Visual Materials Research and Reproduction Form. Those dealing with publishing images will need to submit the Visual Materials Publication Request Form. By following this protocol, you will help make the process more efficient.

For specific inquiries related to using these forms or our collection, please contact Celeste Wiley. We look forward to working with you!

Also, please consult the following guidelines:

Fees for Private Use:

Scan (for originals up to 12 x 17 in.)* each $30
Photograph (for object) each $35

Fees (per image) for Publication:

Scan (for originals up to 12 x 17 in.)* each $30
Profit-based ventures** each $100
Academic or Non-profit** each $75
World Rights (required for publishing in multiple languages) each $35
World Wide Web and/or e-Book  each $200

*To receive a price quote for scans or prints of materials over 12 x 17 inches, please contact SCHS archival staff.

**If a patron uses five or more images in a single project, a discount of 20 percent will apply to the use fees.


All images must be properly credited with the minimum citation, “From the Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society.”

Clearance of any copyright that may exist on a visual image, particularly for commercial purposes or publication, is the responsibility of the user. Users are responsible for determining what rights may exist and in whom those rights are vested. Failure to honor existing restrictions on use can result in liability for copyright infringement.