Mary Brigaud Conveyance, 1691

This deed is a conveyance of a town lot and house in Charlestown, dated 17 March 1691, sold by Mary Brigaud to Mathurin and Francis Guerin. The lot was number 90, and sold for the sum of 14 pounds. Part of the document mentions Isaac DuBose (Brigaud’s son-in-law) and his wife Suzanne DuBose in a memorandum. Following the memorandum there is also a 1699 statement by Henry Noble which names witnesses who were present at the signing of the original document by Mary Brigaud, Peter Couillandeau, and Isaac and Susana DuBose. Isaac DuBose, a Huguenot emigrant to South Carolina, was one of the founders of the Jamestown settlement in St. James Santee Parish.

This rare, early document is in very fragile condition. Some parts of the paper are missing, and the acidic iron gall ink in which it was written will continue to cause further deterioration unless conservation measures are taken.

Estimated total: $4,000.00

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