Research Services

For a pre-paid fee, a skilled staff researcher can investigate and respond to your research request utilizing sources available in our library and archival collections. In order to initiate this process, please complete and submit a research request form (available for download below).

Please note that there are two types of research services available at the South Carolina Historical Society: general and genealogical. Each form outlines services offered, accompanying fees (discounts for SCHS members), and also allows you to direct where and how much research you would like done. You may also submit an online form below.

We will only search materials that are in the archival and library collections of the South Carolina Historical Society (SCHS). While we cannot guarantee results, we will make every effort to help you by documenting all sources consulted during our search.

Please also take some time to explore our collections via our online catalog in order to initially gauge whether the SCHS holds materials relevant to your research. This may help you determine how much time you would like to allot for research or exactly what you would like us to review, summarize, and/or copy for you.

While an SCHS staff member will get back to you as soon as your prepaid research request is received, please know that we receive numerous requests per day and our standard commitment is 6-8 weeks.

Research Services Form- Genealogy
Research Services Form- General

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*The SCHS will send an invoice via email upon receipt of the research services form. Research will begin once we receive payment for services.

Research Services

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    Please select the type of search that you wish to have done, Should additional photocopies be appropriate, we will contact you for approval with an estimate of the total cost of additional copies and postage. Copies are .40 per page for non-members and .35 per page for members. Select ONE of the Following