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June, 2010: South Carolina Loses a Legend

On June 23rd in 2010, Marjorie Amos-Frazier passed away in Charleston. A native of Manning, South Carolina, she worked her …

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May, 1767: Seizure of a Schooner Sets Off a Major Contest between British Officials and Charles Town Merchants

After the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 to end the French and Indian War, the British stationed troops …

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April, 1780: A British Victory at Monck’s Corner Cuts off Charleston

In the winter of 1779, the British decided to expand their presence in the South with a third attempt to …

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February, 1783: Enslaved Revolutionary War spy freed along with his wife and child

The American Revolution presented enslaved people an opportunity to gain their freedom if they joined the British forces or spied …

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