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November, 1775: The First Battle of Ninety Six

In 1775, Ninety Six was a recently established courthouse town in the South Carolina backcountry. The question of independence and …

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October, 1765: A Masked Mob Searches Henry Laurens’ House

Under the guidance of Lord Grenville, the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act in March 1765. This was the first …

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September, 1780: Francis Marion and his men defeat the British in the Skirmish at Black Mingo Creek

In 1780, the British shifted their strategy from fighting in the Northern colonies and focused on the South. They captured …

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August, 1781: Colonel Isaac Hayne Executed in Charlestown

On the morning of August 4, 1781, Colonel Isaac Hayne was led from the Exchange building through the streets of …

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