2024 Winter Lecture Series

Join us each Tuesday evening in February for our 2024 Winter Lecture Series: Fighting for Freedom. The Winter Lecture Series will take place at First Baptist Church (61 Church St., downtown Charleston). We will also be live streaming these lectures – stay tuned for more details on live streaming!

February 6:
“Liberty Is Sweet: The Crucial Role of African Americans in the Revolutionary War”
presented by Dr. Woody Holton, Ph. D.  History Professor at the University of South Carolina


 February 13:
“Seven Things You May Not Know about the Battle of Sullivan’s Island”
presented by Dr. C.L. Bragg, Author



February 20:
“Remember Me, That I Am Not Forgotten:” Army Women, the Revolutionary War, and American Memory”
presented by Riley Sutherland, Ph. D. Candidate at Harvard University



February 27:
“The Battle of Camden and the Recovered Soldiers”
by Major Rick Wise, Military Historian



Ticket Prices:

  • Full Series (4 lectures in-person)- $65 for members/ $75 for non-members
  • Single Lecture (in-person)- $18 for members/ $20 for non-members
  • Streaming Lecture- $10 per livestream

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