Fall Speaker Series with Professor Larry Rowland

Forest Lake Club
340 Country Club Drive
Columbia, SC 29206

“The Most Dangerous and Consequential War in Colonial American History”

The Yamasee War produced ” …the greatest Indian alliance in colonial history with the potential to eradicate not just South Carolina but also North Carolina and Virginia. At no other time in colonial American history, not even during King Philip’s or the Pequot Wars, did a colony face the dangers that South Carolina did…” according to no less than Walter Edgar. While most people know little about it, this war determined that the British Empire, not the Spanish or French Empires, would control the American Southeast.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, October 23rd

Time: 6PM - cocktails | 6:30PM Presentation

Cost: $10.00/person (general admission | $26.50 (general admission + buffet dinner)
*Please make reservations by calling 803-744-0040.