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Dec., 1762: Early Conflict between Governor and Legislature Foreshadows Revolution

On December 16, 1762, the South Carolina legislature resolved to do no further business with the governor until he recognized …

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May, 1777: Treaty of DeWitt’s Corner

  On May 20, 1777, delegates from the Lower Towns of the Cherokee Nation and officials from South Carolina and Georgia …

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February, 1870: First African American elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court

February 1, 1870 Jonathan Jasper Wright was born in Pennsylvania on February 11, 1840. The son of a runaway slave, he …

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December, 1718: The Pirate Stede Bonnet is Hung in Charleston

December 10, 1718 Stede Bonnet was born in Barbados in 1688.  His father was a planter but both parents died shortly …

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