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January, 1837: James Lide Coker is Born Near Society Hill

James Lide Coker was born to Caleb Coker, a planter and merchant, and his wife Hannah Lide, in 1837. After …

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December, 1812: Theodosia Burr Alston is Lost at Sea

If you’ve seen the musical “Hamilton,” you have heard the lovely ballad titled “Dear Theodosia” that Aaron Burr sings to …

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October, 1959: October Saw the Last “Big Thursday” Football Game in 1959

On October 22, 1959, the last “Big Thursday” football contest between Clemson and South Carolina was played. The tradition began in 1896.  That …

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November,1832: The Nullification Convention Meets in Columbia

Following the election of many states-rights advocates to South Carolina’s legislature, the state responded to Henry Clay’s tariff of 1832 …

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