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October, 1685: Louis XIV Revokes the Edict of Nantes and French Huguenots Flee to South Carolina

October 18, 1685 In the 1560s, the number of Protestants who followed the Calvinist form of religion, or Huguenots, was increasing …

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September, 1761: Cherokees Relinquish their Hunting Lands

September 23, 1761 After more than three years of hostilities, Cherokee Indians signed a treaty with South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor William …

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August, 1920: the Nineteenth Amendment is Ratified

August 18, 1920 There were a number of women in South Carolina who were pleased when the amendment that gave women …

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July, 1744: War is declared in Charleston against France

July 23, 1744 On this side of the Atlantic, the War of Austrian Succession was called King George’s War and took …

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